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The current way most companies manage information is by aggregating most of their information in one place so that it can be used by many people.  This means that if an outsider decides to hack the information, they can gain access to almost all of the information that is used by all departments.  There are ways you can protect yourself from this happening with a solid business intelligence security plan.  

Keep in mind that not all theft comes from the outside of a company.  Many employees who plan on leaving your company can take your sensitive information with them.  The result of this lack of security planning can be a damaging data leak of financial and sales data, or theft of intellectual property.  There are safeguards against these harmful leaks happening. 

There are several trends that are creating security issues with business intelligence.  Most detrimental is the increase in mobile devices followed closely by the trend of allowing people to bring their own devices to work.  These two alone are having a major impact of data security.   Yet another concern is lost and stolen devices that contain sensitive company information.  

As with any information technology, there’s a fine balance between creating safeguards for corporate data and ease of use, which impacts the user’s ability to efficiently do his job. Let’s look at some of the trends in Business Intelligence that impact security and techniques that can be applied. 

There are policies that need to be created and implemented and solutions to all business intelligence security need to be thought out and implemented.  This is where we can help.  APB Security is very experienced with creating and implementing custom solutions for your business intelligence.  Call us for a security consulting meeting today.