Security Company for Industrial Buildings

“Our shrinkage problem has stopped since hiring APB Security.  Your presence is saving us thousands of dollars a year …”

-Warehouse Manager

Security for Manufacturing Companysecurity for manufacturing

Whether you need one or two security officers on-site, we can work with you on a custom plan to secure your facility and maintain a productive manufacturing environment. APB Security officers will control entry and exit checkpoints, by checking visitor credentials and matching the flow of incoming good with credentialed paperwork. Our security detail can patrol the grounds and check deterrents against intrusions, such as fencing, remote surveillance cameras and night lighting. 

Security for Warehouses

Internal thefts and break-ins are priority concerns in warehouses. While it is important to control access points against unwanted intrusions, a security presence inside the warehouse can limit internal theft opportunities. Experienced in warehouse security, APB Security can create a plan of action to reduce theft and pilferage, without disrupting day-to-day operations. Our security agents can even work undercover for a temporary period of time in the suspected workplace in efforts to uncover unlawful activity, alcohol / drug use, or any other type of noncompliance.