Private Investigations

Private Investigators West Palm Beachprivate investigator West Palm Beach

Using state of the art equipment and years of proven experience, our private detectives are the best in the South Florida area.    Although the most common types of cases we are called about is cheating spouses, child custody cases and worker’s comp fraud cases, we have seen an increase in calls about employee theft.  In a situation where you are not sure who is stealing from your company, we can put someone on the inside under cover in your company to find out exactly who might have their hand in the till.  

When it comes to video surveillance, it may seem an easy task to take video of people without their knowledge in order to get to clarify the truth of the matter at hand, however it usually takes an experienced expert to acquire the best images at just the right time.  

Whether you need evidence for court or for personal reasons our surveillance experts can provide you with swift personalized clarification you need.   Call us today to discuss your unique situation.