Commercial Security Guards

“Always professional and courteous … a security presence we no longer can imagine doing without …”

– Movie Theater Owner 

Security for Office Buildings

Over the course of 24 hours, security requirements change in Class A office buildings and landmarks. During business hours, APB Security officers can monitor access points and exits with a high degree of professionalism and courtesy. In the evening hours and overnight, our security focus shifts to proactive security management, such as guarding against unauthorized personnel entering the building and monitoring surveillance systems. For every time of day, we can develop a custom plan addressing security needs for buildings as well as parking areas.  

Security for Marinassecurity for marinas

Marinas present unique security challenges, because of open access to land and water. Because we’re based in South Florida, APB Security has had extensive experience with waterfront security and can create a program addressing your security needs over a 24-hour cycle. Services can include patrol services, surveillance cameras and 24/7 monitoring, and access control services to boat yards and docks. 

Security for Movie Theaters

Movie theaters have learned in recent years that they are more at risk than anyone ever imagined. APB Security can diagnose where your theater is vulnerable, and then design and implement a security presence with friendly, professional officers. Additionally, we can customize and monitor a complete video surveillance system solution uniquely designed for your theater, including the parking lot. Our goal is always to establish a deterrent to crime, while having officers on-hand to respond quickly to any emergency. 

Security Guards for Auto Dealershipssecurity guards for car dealerships

Car dealerships with their expansive lots filled with vehicles can be inviting targets for criminals. APB Security can provide an effective guard service that monitors gates and patrols for unauthorized access to lots, even illegal dumping, and other suspicious activities. Moreover, we can recommend remote surveillance systems, which can be monitored at any time, anywhere, from web-enabled computer and mobile devices.