Security for Events

Event Security and Guards

“APB has become our ‘go-to’ security company for large music festivals and sports events …”

-Events Coordinator 

Protection at Special Events 

Special events present distinctive security challenges, given the many diverse venues, crowd sizes and locations. Whether focusing on crowd control, security searches, and/or theft prevention, APB Security can provide security personnel, consultation and VIP/celebrity protection for many different events. 

Security for These Types of Events:

  • Black Tie Events

  • Corporate Conferences

  • Fundraisers

  • Business Meetings

  • Social Gatherings

  • Government Events

  • Expositions

  • VIP Gatherings

  • Major Political, Sports & Entertainment Events

  • Event Galas and other high-profile special events


For any size event, indoor or outdoor, we will develop a meticulous plan and select a security team with the right experience and the right training to handle each task with the highest degree of professionalism.