Residential Security

“We’ve contracted with a couple agencies over the years for gatehouse security, but your team is the best … we couldn’t be more pleased with your officers’ professionalism and courtesy …”

– Condominium Manager 

Security for Homeowners Associations

To safeguard property and residents, homeowner associations look to professional security planning and protection to minimize vandalism, theft and the risk of litigation. APB Security takes pride in providing uniformed security services to residential communities, from single- to multi-building complexes. We work closely with boards of directors and property managers to establish a custom plan that protects the community, including patrols and manned guardhouses. 

Security for Rental Communities

A security presence can go a long ways toward making a community more desirable to live in. When renters feel safe and secure, it contributes to higher occupancy rates. APB Security can provide trained security officers that offer multiple services in your rental complex. Our services include access control/parcel inspection, doormen/front desk, armed and or uniformed officers, and much more. We can also design and implement a custom plan to meet specific security needs. 

Security for Condominiums

Since 1989, APB Security has provided security officers to condominiums and apartments communities in South Florida. Services include physical security, mobile patrols, emergency response, and alarm response capabilities. We can also attend the guardhouse in gated communities, managing the stream of visitors, deliveries and resident requests, but do so in a friendly, attentive manner that reflects the prestige of the community. 

Security for Private Communities

Security officers can leave a lasting impression on visitors and residents alike. APB Security trains our uniformed officers to make people feel safe and secure. At the same time, they are the eyes and ears of the neighborhood, whose job it is to carry out important security tasks on their posts (such as guardhouses) and on patrol — and always in a professional, alert and friendly manner. 

Security for Private Residences

In today’s world, estate residences often need additional security beyond surveillance and alarm systems. APB Security can provide on-site protection to homes for many reasons, including vulnerable exposures (to woodlands or water, for example), occasional or seasonal occupancy, and the high-profile nature of residents. In the case of VIP residents, our team has extensive experience in evaluating threats and devising a plan to eliminate, diffuse or subdue negative situations. In every instance, our focus is to deliver top-notch security services with trained personnel who are courteous, discreet and professional.