Retail Security Company

“APB’s security detail responded to a call for a lost child and found the boy in less than ten minutes.  Excellent work …”

– Shopping Mall Manager 

Security for Shopping Centers and Malls

Retail centers pose many security challenges. Stores and sprawling malls must make sure patrons, employees and tenants alike feel safe and secure, not only in and between stores, but also outdoors in large parking areas. APB Security officers are trained in working with crowds, directing groups of juveniles, helping deter theft, responding to criminal activity, finding lost children, patrolling parking areas and assisting in medical emergencies. Additionally, we can work with retailers to create a customized security plan for all contingencies. 

Loss Prevention Security

Shoplifting and money theft are the two most common retail crimes in the United States. Anyone can be a shoplifter. Those who focus on stereotypes such as race and age generally have a difficult time detecting shoplifting. APB Security can conduct a thorough analysis on your loss issues, and figure out what needs to be fixed. Our security officers can then help your store employees become loss prevention experts and handle any situation dealing with shoplifting and money theft.